Christmas Time…

One of the things I like about Christmas time is how everything seems to slow down…I get less email, less phone calls, less things that need immediate attention. I can relax, spend time with my friends and family, and not feel like my work life is piling up. It gives me a chance to re-charge my batteries, take it easy, and prepare to take on the new year. With all the travelling I’ve done over the past 90 days, I feel like my work/life balance has gotten out of whack and I need to focus hard on getting through reviews, getting my office organized, and making Thoughts Media more successful in 2007 (no complaints here though, I’m paying my bills).
What’s funny today though is that we’re getting a “white Christmas” about 72 hours too late – it was a brown and sunny Christmas, until today. Then it got cold, and started to snow. Here’s a picture I just took: