Scientology: This Is Some Crazy Stuff

As a person of faith myself, I respect the right for others to believe what they wish – but I also believe that everyone should look at faith systems with a critical eye, asking questions, and seeking the truth. Scientology is a religion of secrets…and this video exposes how truly bizarre some of those secrets are.

  • Interesting. You should watch the South Park episode where they take on Scientology. It’s accurate compared to some other studying I’ve done.

    The more that guy got offended, the more curious I was as to why. He never said he didn’t believe that, he just said he was offended, refused to discuss it, and left.

  • gdoerr56

    I find it curious that he said “…that are so fundamentally offensive to Scientologists…”. It sure seems like a convenient way to avoid discussing issues openly. Combine this with “…sacred scriptures only available to the elite…” and it sure sounds like they are trying to hide a great many things.

    I, for one, run speedily away from people and organizations that demand such blind obedience.

    Now maybe I can get someone to explain to me the “disgusting perversions” associated with volcanos. I’ve seen my share of interesting things on the internet but that’s a new one.

  • gdoerr56,
    Well said. I too have a problem with any system of faith that is based on secrets or attaining a “level” of spirituality before certain “truths” can be “revealed” to you. Or those that have ceremonies that the public can’t attend (i.e.: friends can’t attend a Mormon wedding unless they’re Mormon). That’s what cults do. Real religion should have nothing to hide, and welcome all manner of questions as opportunities to discuss their faith. This PR spin-doctor looked like he was discussing a new phone under NDA the way he was dodging the questions. His behaviour says so much about Scientology.

  • Huh… it just seemed like a simply Yes or No question to me.

    I can’t believe someone would get so incredible upset over a simple yes or no question…. And then refuse to answer it hiding behind ‘it is my religious right!’ or whatever nonsense he was shouting.

    Could have easily solved the situation by saying: No. or Yes.

    Now he just looks like an ass. 🙂

    I’m reminded of the famous Black Adder episode…

    ‘Well, it is so often the way, sir, too late one thinks of what one *should* have said. Sir Thomas More, for instance — burned alive for refusing to recant his Catholicism — must have been kicking himself, as the flames licked higher, that it never occurred to him to say, “I recant my Catholicism.”‘