One Of The Craziest Tattoos I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve always found tattoos fascinating, and now that I have one I guess I’m part of the minority of people in the world that have been permanently marked with ink. This guy has a tattoo so crazy it’s in a class by itself…

I found these images here.

  • chrisgohlke

    That is outstanding, I’m working on a similar design (but much, much smaller) that would either be robotic or borg type parts under the skin.

  • Chris,
    Come on man, get the full chest plate!! 😉

  • chrisgohlke

    I would but I wouldn’t want it to stretch out when I get all buff and in shape. 🙂

  • Mara

    That is amazing..
    it would hurt realy bad but cool
    i want to get a music note somewhere.
    music is my passion.

  • Gregor

    look at this

    Do you like that style? wrapped skin?

  • Gregor,
    Neat tattoo! 🙂

  • krissy

    that is so awsome what made you think to do something like that?

  • obeng


  • Reimondsnap23

    ~`w0w nice tattoo huh`~

  • Throwinsmoke1

    dude mad respect that spidy tat is off the chain best tat eva

  • Iamrolan

    nice tattoo bro

  • Verizimilitude

    Very very impressive and intricate work. Original idea. I LOVE it!!!!!

  • Yikes!

    yikes that must have cost thousands of dollars….tattoos are expensive

  • crazzy tatts

    crazzzzzy tatts yoooo

  • 22r

    yes..thats real..its awesome..

  • Myo min thu

    Very Goods!

    I like !

    I real like

  • Mareto

    Original le design de tattouage, top! top!!!!!

  • calvin


  • Fostera47

    i like tattoos like that they are alsome

  • Sanjayanuraag

    hey!!! man this is awsome artwork …. i am so impressed by you cooooooool. i will also make this kind of desing on my sweat shirt. thanks for cool inspiration. 🙂

  • Hercule 97421


  • Katia

    dame loving the tattoo yo its crazy like me ;p

  • Kadeemkarvis1

    how much did this cost???

  • Davidmarkmendoza

    wow nice!

  • Swoorde_05

    wow i like that

  • slimshorty

    BADAZZ never seen nothing like it who agrees

  • Enriquito08

    Waoooooo that’s an amazing tattoo I’m gonna get something like that but whit the Cuban flag inside that’s the more crazy tattoo I ever seen

  • Henry

    Dam this is toooooo… cool man I have never ever seen in my life this type of Tattoo work. Heads up for you.

  • Kmh81593

    I wanna know who did his tattoo. I wanted something realistic like that too so if anyone knows who did it, I would be most grateful. This tattoo is awesome.