Making a USB Flash Drive Boot Disk Under Windows Vista

I’m fighting with a trashed install of Windows Vista on a laptop and it’s a complete nightmare – one of the things I needed to do on the road to getting it working again was to update the BIOS. Since Windows Vista wasn’t booting, however, I was left with a quandry: how do I update the BIOS? Booting from a floppy disk to update the BIOS was a common thing a few years ago, but I haven’t done it that way in a long time. I found the solution in this forum thread: the only thing different that I had to do was right-click on the “RunThis” file and run it as an administrator. It worked great, and I’ve now updated the BIOS. Now if I could just get the Vista repair function to run (it keeps locking up – and I’ve used the Dell hardware testing software to confirm that the laptop has no defective parts).