CTIA Connectivity Sucks

This blog post sums it up nicely:

“It’s become aritual: thousand of people gather in one place to exhort the glories of communications in this glorious wireless age—and damn little works as planned. Today, the CTIA WiFi, which already was slow and glitchy yesterday, has been overwhelmed since before the keynotes ended and the show officially opened…I wish I were alone. The cries of “the wifi is down” were ringing throughout the press room and elsewhere. Some cell phones are taking much longer than usual to connect. I heard one person wondering if Skype was being blocked because he had so many problems; I could get through on chat easily (when online) but never tried a call. I asked a press room tech assistant about it and he didn’t know what Skype is.”

It’s a dark irony that at a conference all about connectivity, it’s so damn hard to get connected. Someone needs to get punched in the head for this situation.