Interviewed About Netbooks on CTV National News

On Friday afternoon I was interviewed by Janet Dirks, the Alberta Bureau Chief for CTV National News. The topic? Netbooks! One of my favourite things to talk about lately, netbooks have been raging through the tech world for about a year, and they’ve finally gotten so big that the mainstream press has taken notice. Unlike the previous TV interview, this wasn’t a story about me, so I’m the tech expert weighing in with a few quotes. It’s hard to convey accurate information in a few short quotes though – netbooks are fast enough for what they’re designed for (Internet tasks) but slower at things like photo editing, video editing, etc.

It was a fun experience all in all – I love talking about technology – but I was sure nervous leading up to it, so maybe it was good that I only had a couple of hours notice. Less time to stress out! I wonder how many times I’ll have to be on TV before I’m not a bundle of frazzled nerves beforehand…

Oh yeah – check out the sweet computer hardware from the ’90s shown at the 2:04 mark. CTV needs some updated B-roll footage I think! 😉