Dell Day: PC Arrived, Light at End of Stuck Pixel Tunnel?


That’s the bottom-end Dell PC that just arrived today. It’s a bit big, but I like the hardware design. I haven’t fired it up yet or anything, but I assume things will work ok. That’s a lot of hardware for a mere $379! Gotta’ love Dell and their promotions. I just wished I could have ordered it without any operating system and saved even more money. That seems to be a popular idea over at Dell’s Ideastorm, even if it’s mostly Linux geeks voting. 😉

In other Dell news I spent 63 (!!!) minutes on the phone with a helpful customer service gentleman named Lorne. I told him my sordid tale of woe and he said that my case was exceptional enough to warrant a replacement of the monitor even though it only had one stuck pixel. I won’t know for sure until tomorrow, because he had to escalate it, but he seemed quite confident that they’d send me out a new monitor. Sweet. We’ll see what happens…