Well That Just Ruined my Day: a Dead Pixel on my Dell 2407WFP Monitor


See that blue dot? That’s a dead pixel. And that’s a dead pixel on one of my three new Dell 24″ LCD 2407WFP monitors. The same monitors that I declared were perfect after my long struggle with trying to get three proper monitors. For the record, I’ve ordered 11 monitors, spent $8465.16, and waited five months to finish the seemingly simple task of getting three Dell LCD monitors that didn’t have dead or stuck pixels. A few weeks ago I thought the Sisyphian task was completed, but today upon seeing that stuck pixel I knew I wasn’t. I’m about a week over my 30 day return policy with Dell, so I can’t take the route I took previously of returning the monitor and ordering another one. I am going to give up and accept the stuck pixel? Absolutely not. I remain convinced that if a Dell customer such as myself is willing to spend $2300+ on monitors, they shouldn’t have to accept flaws products – and a monitor that developers a stuck pixel after being active for less than a week (I just set up two of the monitors last weekend) is indeed a flawed product.