Well That Just Ruined my Day: a Dead Pixel on my Dell 2407WFP Monitor


See that blue dot? That’s a dead pixel. And that’s a dead pixel on one of my three new Dell 24″ LCD 2407WFP monitors. The same monitors that I declared were perfect after my long struggle with trying to get three proper monitors. For the record, I’ve ordered 11 monitors, spent $8465.16, and waited five months to finish the seemingly simple task of getting three Dell LCD monitors that didn’t have dead or stuck pixels. A few weeks ago I thought the Sisyphian task was completed, but today upon seeing that stuck pixel I knew I wasn’t. I’m about a week over my 30 day return policy with Dell, so I can’t take the route I took previously of returning the monitor and ordering another one. I am going to give up and accept the stuck pixel? Absolutely not. I remain convinced that if a Dell customer such as myself is willing to spend $2300+ on monitors, they shouldn’t have to accept flaws products – and a monitor that developers a stuck pixel after being active for less than a week (I just set up two of the monitors last weekend) is indeed a flawed product.

  • I’m pretty sure the Jedis felt the disturbance in the force when Jason spotted this dead pixel.

    In all fairness to Dell, aren’t even 3 or 4 dead pixels supposed to be “normal”? I can only guess your screen resolution is about 1900×1200, but over 3 monitors that’s nearly 7 millions pixels to expect to be perfect.

    Good luck with Dell. Unfortunately, in my experience with them, unless you’re doing something that customer service rep’s computer “says you can”, you’re out of luck.

    Will be watching this topic with baited breath… 😉

  • Dell’s policy on dead/stuck pixels is, I believe, five in the same area, or seven in total on the monitor. That’s the policy, but that doesn’t mean it’s “normal”. A dead or stuck pixel is a flaw in the LCD panel – and since I’m sending $2300+ on these three monitors, I’m not going to accept a flawed product. I thought that getting my 11th monitor meant this was finally over, but I’ve learned another valuable lesson here: I should have run all three monitors for days/weeks to make sure no dead/stuck pixels developed. Ultimately I may end up getting nowhere with this, but I remain steadfast in my belief that if someone is buying Dell’s high end monitors (the 2407WFP and the 30″ monitors are their most expensive products) the customer shouldn’t have to accept anything less than a perfect product. If I was buying a 19″ LCD monitor for $199, trust me, I wouldn’t care nearly this much. But since I’m planning on using these monitors for the next 3-4 years, it’s important that they work/look right.

  • guyjr

    Well lemme tell ya, you’re not alone! I originally bought 2 2407WFPs 4 weeks ago exactly, and _both_ of them “developed” stuck pixels within a week of initial use. Fortunately Dell swapped both of them out… unfortunately, just yesterday, one of the swapped monitors developed three new dead / stuck pixels (one is truly dead, the other two are stuck)… I am absolutely blown away by such lack of quality in this product. I’m very worried the fourth monitor will eventually develop stuck pixels as well, and am prepared to go into battle with Dell customer support this evening as soon as I get home. Please post back here or on either of these threads if you get anywhere with them – I’m ready to demand a full refund because I want to switch to a different brand (probably Gateway). Can’t waste any more time with Dell’s incompetence.


  • dxreaper

    Just got mine exactly 2 weeks ago.

    Dead pixel… red not working, so now white looks like purple on that spot =\…

  • dxreaper

    Got it replaced but in less then a week, the new one produced a dead red pixel. Two actually, but one is still undecided on whether it wants to be dead or not.

  • Sucks to hear that dxreaper – are you still within the return policy window? Although it’s a hassle, I think the only way Dell can learn it’s lesson here is for customers to keep returning products that are defective.

  • scuba_steve415

    The trials and tribulations of going “big.” I just received my Dell 2707, shinny and new with beautiful brushed aluminum accents and the obligatory dead pixel. Planning to return it if the “15 day no questions asked” policy is still in effect. I have four 2004FP that have been running flawlessly, a minimum of 8 hours a day, for several years. No dead pixels in any of them (some slight burn in, but thats expected with my app).