Dell’s Twitter Feeds on Overload…


It’s amusing watching companies figure out how to use Twitter…the above screen is from my Twitter feed. I follow both Dell Canada’s consumer Twitter feed, and their Business user feed. They each have different offers and discounts…until they start copying each other and repeating everything twice, creating what amounts to Twitter spam in my feed. And then there’s their contest, which so far as resulted in 37 tweets in three days. Twitter is a great tool for businesses to reach out to their customers, but if you do it too often, you risk alienating those customers. After I post this I’m going to un-follow the Dell Canada Business feed, and possibly un-follow the Dell Consumer feed until this contest is over. If you’re a business, value the attention of your customers – don’t abuse it by being too “noisy”.

  • Wow, that looks painful. I know we all get frustrated or inspired and as such tend to tweet heavily at times, but some people and organizations do take it too far.

    I almost unfollowed one guy when I checked Twitter on my iPhone one morning and found that overnight, he sent over 100 tweets thanking people for those idiotic “Follow Friday” mentions. I think Friday and Saturday are the days I weigh the benefits of unfollowing people the most.

    It definitely looks like Dell has no clue.

  • Yeah, the Follow Friday stuff is kind of funny – I’ve thanked people a couple of times in the past for a FF post, but in general I don’t. On your iPhone app it shows @ posts aimed at other people? That sounds like bad app design – I wouldn’t want to see that. TweetDeck only shows me @ posts aimed at me, or posts from the person aimed at nobody.