“Demands From Islam” – A Video Opinion

As a person whose faith is extremely important to him, I’m very careful about “faith bashing”. I don’t believe that people should be criticized, mocked, belittled, or attacked for what their spiritual beliefs are. I may not agree with your spiritual viewpoints, and you may not agree with mine, but so long as our respective faiths don’t impede the rights and freedoms of others, we should be allowed to hold them and express them however we wish.

Radical Islam, however, troubles me greatly – I believe it may be the single greatest challenge the world will face over the next 50 years. I loathe fear-mongering, but I really do think that as the power of radical Islamics grows, the Western world will have to respond – and I fear that the conflict will not be one easily resolved. The video above is an eye-opening opinion piece on the very real danger that radical Islam presents to the world. Note that I’ve used the word “radical” preceding “Islam” here, because the Islamic faith as I understand it – and I’m truly no expert – doesn’t promote the same types of things that the radical Islamic extremists do. If your faith means you’re going to wear a head scarf as a woman, that’s fine – but if your faith means you’re not going to treat patients as a dentist unless they’re wearing head scarves – even if they’re not Muslim – then you’re discriminating against that person.

I should note in closing that I’d never heard of this Pat Condell fellow before this video, and based on what I’ve seen of some of his other videos, I’d disagree with him quite severely (I think he’s the “attacking atheist” type), but in the video above, I think he has some very valid points.