Direct Linking to Images Blocked

I’ve noticed that a number of people, pretty much on a weekly basis, are deciding to link directly to images on this blog rather than copying the image to their own server. I’ve watched it happen for quite some time, but after seeing a few spam blogs do it, I decided it was worth putting a stop to: so, from now on, if you want to use an image on this site, please copy it to your own server or blog. Thanks!

  • Honestly, I’m surprised you hadn’t done that sooner. I blocked image hotlinking on my site about five years ago when some Pocket PC site linked directly to a screenshot of my Pocket IE Start Page and consumed almost my entire bandwidth quota for that month. (Which at the time was only 300 MB per month.)

    This has the unfortunate side effect of preventing images from displaying in most RSS readers.

  • Dave,
    I’m on a dedicated server, with gobs of bandwidth, so for the most part it didn’t bother me if people here and there linked directly to my images. But once I saw those stupid spam sites start linking to my images, I figured it was time to put a stop to that. Thankfully Jorj my very smart server guy configured it so that my business Web sites can still link to images here, and my photo site on Smugmug can still use images here.