Facebook: Population Uptake


There’s a little over one million people living in Calgary, the city where I live, and according to Facebook there’s 121,519 people in the Calgary, AB network. If that statistic is correct – and it’s not just people who once lived here or something similar – that has to be the highest level I’ve ever seen of a population using the same online service. 12% of a major city all signed up for the same thing? That’s crazy when you think about the numbers, especially when you factor out the people not likely to use Facebook at this point in time (perhaps under age 10, over age 50). What’s the Facebook penetration like in your city as compared to the population?

  • ctmagnus

    It’s gone up by over 300 in the last two and a half hours.

  • Bloody insane – Facebook is on a rampage. I wonder how much MySpace traffic has dipped?

  • OSUKid7

    Interesting timing – check out the latest Facebook Blog post: Oh Canada…

    Facebook is really more than a social networking site… it’s a social utility. Facebook has been big in my age group for a few years, and with the introduction of work and regional networks, I think it’s starting to take off in other demographics.

    You should put in for a request for a Thoughts Media work network.

  • “You should put in for a request for a Thoughts Media work network.”

    Who would that be for – the people that volunteer for me?

  • OSUKid7

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Can’t hurt to request it.

  • Personally (although I must admit, I’m regular visitors to both MySpace and Facebook), I think it’s a load of pure crap. Facebook is a little better than MySpace, as the people that “perv” over pictures of younger kids can’t go and see them, but still, there are many ways to get into these thigns and reign havoc. At least Facebook actually tries to have good causes on the site, raising money for important causes. I can’t really say what my town’s population is, because we in Okotoks have to use the Calgary option. How many people there are in Okotoks using these sites that I know of adds a huge deal of the users from Calgary area, too.
    Interestingly enough, I’d never even heard of Facebook in England, where I used to live, and I actually only found out about it this year.