Flash, Flash, Everywhere

Coming back from CES, it’s amazing how ubiquitous USB flash drives have become – I returned with, get this, 5152 MB of flash memory spread across nine USB flash drives. Two of those were big suckers – Sandisk 2 GB USB Flash drives meant for Vista ReadyBoost use – and the other seven were between 128 MB and 256 MB, used for press releases, high-resolution images, and other content that the press likes to have. Flash memory has certainly hit its stride!

  • ctmagnus

    ReadyBoost, not ReadyDrive. 😉 ReadyDrive “takes advantage of new hybrid hard disks—hard disks with integrated flash memory—to help improve battery life, performance, and reliability.”

    Future Shop had a 4GB Cruzer for something like $60 in their Boxing Week sale. I thing it’s on sale again this week for $90ish.

    One issue that may come of this is that a lot of flash drives come with U3 software (which is actually pretty handy) on them, and a lot of PCs come with burning/packet writing software preinstalled, and the U3 software plays rather poorly with some packet writing software.

  • Oops – fixed, thanks!