Games Worth Playing: Arkadian Warriors

I find myself going through cycles with my Xbox 360: when I got Halo 3, I played it every morning for an hour or two until a few weeks later, I had beaten the game (and I still get trashed in online play – go figure). Then I didn’t touch my Xbox for a while, until firing up Mass Effect not too long ago. But just as I was starting to get into Mass Effect, I downloaded, played, and immediately purchased an incredibly fun Xbox Live arcade game: Arkadian Warriors.


The game is immensely fun to play, reminding me a bit of a cross between a Zelda Game and Diablo. It’s fast to get up and running with, easy to learn, and doesn’t bore you with complexities. The RPG element is very “light”, with three choices for characters, and fixed skills that unlock at certain levels. It’s great for local co-op play, with two players sharing the screen at the same time (we need more games like that), and I imagine it’s equally fun over Xbox Live co-op play. Definitely one of the best 800 point purchases I’ve ever made on Xbox Live! <does the Google> Ah, I see that the developer of this game is the same company (Wanako Games) that created my other favourite Xbox Live Arcade game, Assault Heroes. No wonder I like it so much. 🙂