Gears of War Quandry: Surely This Can’t Be Right?

I picked up Gears of War a couple of months ago, but have only recently started to start playing it more seriously. Some friends were over a few weeks ago and we played in co-op mode for a bit, and got to a certain checkpoint. Then this last Saturday I fired it up again to play with a buddy of mine who’s in Ontario. I wanted to start over a new game from scratch with him, but I also wanted to keep my previously saved game. The game wouldn’t let me do that – it said that if wanted to start a new campaign I would lose my previous campaign and checkpoints. That can’t be right – am I missing something? How do you play a solo game and also do online campaigning with your friends? Or what if you have more than one group of friends you want to play with?

  • You unlock each act and level as you progress through the story. While starting a new game overwrites your last saved checkpoint, you’ll still have access to the acts and levels already unlocked. So, when it comes to recommencing your previous game, you can simply select the level where you left off, as well as the difficulty setting, and the story will progress normally.

  • Ahh…ok, that’s not completely insane like I thought then. I do find it odd that they wouldn’t allow for multiple saved games though. And Ryan Block told me that you can have a single player campaign game that isn’t impacted by the multi-player game.