Get Updates To This Blog via Email

RSS is great and all that, but sometimes email is more direct and simply more convinient. I added some code to my blog a couple of weeks ago that allows you to subscribe to RSS updates via email. That means that once a day (if there’s new content on the blog) you’ll get an email message from Feedburner (the nice folks who are kicking ass in the RSS space) with the update from my site. Here’s what the email looks like:


It will contain pictures and the full content of my posts – exactly what you’ll get via RSS. The one exception is that if I use the “Read More” option on WordPress, you’ll only get everything before that. But all in all, not bad. It’s easy to manage, easy to unsubscribe to, and I’d encourage you to use it if you’re like me and check email every day but not always your RSS reader. And if you have a blog yourself, I’d really encourage you to check out this Feedburner service – it’s a great way to reach readers on a regular basis regardless of whether or not they use RSS.