Goodbye Nana Dunn, We’ll Miss You


On Sunday the 1st of March, 2009, Ethel Dunn, known to our family as “Nana”, passed away in Red Deer Alberta. It was sudden so there was no opportunity to say goobye, but she didn’t suffer, for which I’m thankful. My only regret is that she won’t be here to greet my child, which will be the first grandchild from our part of the family. Goodbye Nana, we’ll all miss you…

  • Sorry to hear that, man. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  • Jason, praying for the comfort of you and your family.

    My wife’s grandma is approaching 91 and not doing so well lately. She is firm in her belief in Jesus though and is looking forward to a new body to go with her amazing mind.

  • Thanks Vincent, appreciate that.

  • Thanks Palmsolo. I wish my Nana was a believer, but she wasn’t, and I doubt I’ll see her again. 🙁

  • mrozema

    Jason, I’m sorry to hear about your Nana.

    There’s always hope she reached out to our savior in her final moments.

  • david ciccone

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss Jason. I am sure your nana will be with you and your wife for the birth of your new child.. Believe me you will see signs she is and they will be something you and Ashley cherish…. God Bless.