Reason #1 Why I Use Google First

A few weeks ago I created a post on this blog specifically designed to help people who were in my situation: they owned a Star Trek DVD box set and lost a DVD from it. Since I couldn’t find anything on the ‘Net when I was searching, I wanted to share my success with people who were looking for the same thing. Today I decided to do a bit of searching to see if my blog post was indexed. I was very happy with what I saw:


My post is the #1 result for “lost star trek DVD”, #1 for “lost star trek DVD box set”, and even for “star trek DVD lost” (searching like Yoda they are). That’s awesome and I couldn’t ask for anything more of Google. I created the content, they indexed the content, and now people can find a relevant result for the subject when they search.

The same search in Microsoft’s Live Search doesn’t have the blog entry listed on the top 50 – and Microsoft wonders why more people don’t use their tool. It just doesn’t seem to have the results that people want (need) to see. Yahoo has similarly sucky results. There’s a reason why “the Google” (I chuckle when people call it that) still rules the search world.