Reason #1 Why I Use Google First

A few weeks ago I created a post on this blog specifically designed to help people who were in my situation: they owned a Star Trek DVD box set and lost a DVD from it. Since I couldn’t find anything on the ‘Net when I was searching, I wanted to share my success with people who were looking for the same thing. Today I decided to do a bit of searching to see if my blog post was indexed. I was very happy with what I saw:


My post is the #1 result for “lost star trek DVD”, #1 for “lost star trek DVD box set”, and even for “star trek DVD lost” (searching like Yoda they are). That’s awesome and I couldn’t ask for anything more of Google. I created the content, they indexed the content, and now people can find a relevant result for the subject when they search.

The same search in Microsoft’s Live Search doesn’t have the blog entry listed on the top 50 – and Microsoft wonders why more people don’t use their tool. It just doesn’t seem to have the results that people want (need) to see. Yahoo has similarly sucky results. There’s a reason why “the Google” (I chuckle when people call it that) still rules the search world.

  • Personally, I think that Yahoo! gives better results. Whenever I search for a product review on Google, I get blogs that link to the reviews (rather than post them themselves), or shopping comparison sites. With Yahoo!, neither show up on the first page, but the content creators do. And of course that is good for business 😉