Great Wedding Photos are Worth the Investment

That wedding I was at last weekend for my sister-in-law (and now brother-in-law). Their photographer has finished processing some of the photos, and has posted them to her blog. Here are three sample images:




Are those some great photos or what? My one and only regret from my wedding to Ashley back in 2001 was that I didn’t find the right kind of wedding photographer…meaning I was focused on not spending too much money, and not focused enough on getting real value for my dollar – and value in this case is having great photos that you’ll appreciate for years to come. I don’t have many regrets in my life, but this is one of them. So if you’re planning on getting married someday, take my advice: don’t skimp on the photographer. Spend the money to get someone good, someone who will take pictures of you all day/night long and really capture the wedding event. In ten years no one is going to remember how fancy the chair coverings were, or what your wedding cake looked like, but photos of you and your husband or wife are going to last forever.