Ashley and I Are Having a Baby!


I wanted to share some special news: I’m going to be a dad! The above picture of Baby Dunn, aka Dunn 2.0, aka The Dunnling, was taken today at Ashley’s first ultrasound. She’s 12 weeks pregnant. We found out on the morning of December 24th, so it was a wonderful surprise for us and for our families. In typical geeky fashion, our way of announcing it to our families was to print out individual Christmas cards (see below) and give them to everyone at the same time – the look of puzzlement, followed quickly by delight, was quite the wonder to behold. Ashley is due August 30th. I wanted to get this quick announcement out the door – I’ll post more ultrasound pictures later, along with the thunderclap that hit me when I saw my baby move for the first time. One word: wow. God is good!


  • garypetro

    Congratulations! Our 3rd is less than 3 weeks away now. Your life will never be the same! (in a good way)

  • Thanks Gary! Things are definitely going to change, that’s for sure!

  • kimmm

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! The Dunnling is already so very cute 🙂 Seeing your baby’s heart beat is incredible, non?

  • Cold Flame

    Congratulations Jason and Ashley! It is an incredible feeling that is truly indescribable, particularly on the day of their birth. If I can suggest one thing to you both, book yourselves in for a 3D ultrasound (if you haven’t done so already). It is absolutely incredible and they’ll put it on a DVD for you. I made the mistake of not having one done due to the cost (I think it’s $250-$350) but having seen multiple friends take the plunge, I really wish I had done so myself.

    Anyway, again, congratulations! Very exciting news for you both!

  • Kim,
    Yeah, the heartbeat thing was crazy! 164 beats per minute – that’s my heart rate when I’m on a treadmill working hard. 😉

  • Cold Flame,
    We were initially not interested in the 3D ultrasound, but after seeing the VGA-resolution images we were given yesterday, yeah, we’re going to look into it now. It’s definitely one of those things you can’t have a “do-over” on. 😉

  • Neil

    Laugh! Nice christmas card 🙂 Congrats guys!

  • Congratulations!

    Just said a prayer for you all.

  • Thanks Neil! Thanks Kacey!

  • chrisgohlke

    OK, somebody has to ask, is that really the actual test in the picture? 🙂 Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  • Chris,
    Well of course it’s the actual test! 😉

  • Hey, large congratulations!
    And that xmas card is a hilariously good idea. 😀