I’m Having a Son!


On Thursday Ashley went for her second ultrasound, and we were told some very exciting news we’ve been anxious to hear: we’re having a baby boy! Ashley, and pretty much everyone else, was sure it was going to be a girl, but I had a hunch it was going to be a boy. We’re very excited about this news, and I’m already thinking about which superhero I’ll dress the little guy up in first. 😉

  • drtolson

    It’s kind of magical seeing those first images of your child, huh? Personally, Monica and I were given the option, but we didn’t want to know the gender until the actual birth…. it made the anticipation that much more fun!

    Anyway, I’ll bet when Jason Jr. actually does arrive, you’ll probably leave the action figure stuff for pajamas or Hallowe’en.

    As the father of two (now teenage) sons, “Have a blast, Jason and Ashley”… all too soon, they start pulling away and you wonder where the time went….

  • Hey Don! Yeah, it’s definitely a personal choice whether or not to find out – but we had three months of anticipation, and that was enough for us. 🙂 Now we have a bit under five months to anticipate having a son – so it’s all good.

    Two teenage boys? Oh boy…I might be emailing you for advice then someday. 😉