Having the Flu Sucks

This is how I felt from Sunday afternoon to Monday night:

(photographer bgaras2001, photo taken from this Smugmug contest)

Today I’m finally feeling better, but on Sunday I was puking my guts out and I felt like dying. It’s one thing to have a cold or a headache, it’s quite another to have a fever and have your whole body throwing a coups d’état. As I was aching I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to be undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from cancer, or any other ailment that made you feel absolutely horrible, all of the time. God willing, I’ll never have to go through anything like that – but suffering, even for a brief period of time, gives you some small insight into the life that others who suffer on a regular basis go through.

I’m at about 80% normalcy today, so I’m hoping so get that HTC Touch video review finished and queue up two articles I wrote for Zune Thoughts. So much work to do!