Hello Blog, I’ve Missed You

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but I’d like to get back at it. Life has a way of getting complicated, whether you want it to or not. The past few weeks have been pretty stressful for me, the primary reason being someone close to me was in the hospital for some exploratory-type surgery. Things are looking positive though, and I can feel my stress levels slowly decreasing.

Today I started a cleanse with Ashley; it’s called the Wild Rose Herbal D-Toxландшафт. Since returning from Japan in March, I’ve found it really difficult to be consistent with going to the gym. Leading up to our trip to Japan, I was very consistent, hitting the gym for 60 to 90 minutes four or five times a week. The result? Not a single pound dropped, or any inches off my mid-section. I’m sure I gained a bit of muscle mass, but in terms of “inches lost”, no results worth mentioning. There are lots of reasons why, but the primary one is that I didn’t really alter my diet. I thought I was eating “pretty good” but the more I looked at my diet, the more I realized I was putting more garbage into my body than I was burning off of it with my workouts. It’s disheartening to go to the gym and work hard, then see no results from it.

April, May, June, July…I might have hit the gym once or twice a week on average. There was a period there where I didn’t go to the gym at all for a month! There’s nothing quite like paying $38/month for a gym membership and never using it to make you feel like a complete idiot. August has been a little better, though not by much – I started doing push-ups and sit-ups at home, but I found that my arms/wrists started bothering me a lot more than normal. I think it’s the push-ups; my RSI problems were aggrivated by the stress the push-ups placed on my wrists. I’m going to switch to the clenched-fist method for the push-ups and see if that helps.

Why the herbal detox? Doing a cleanse is a good way to reboot your system, and I feel badly in need of a reboot. Going off sugar is going to be the hard part – knowing the cleanse was coming today, I ate an unhealthy amount of sugar over the weekend…chocolate bars, a bag of 25 cent candies, and a large Dairy Queen Blizzard. Today I feel a bit tired, tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll be going through sugar withdrawal and will be extra grouchy. You’ve been warned! 😉