Herbal Detox Cleanse Day Four

Just like I thought, I’m going through sugar withdrawal, and man it’s tough! I’m sure it’s nothing compared to breaking a hard-core addiction like smoking or heroin, but I’ve been fiercely craving something sweet all day and it’s taken a lot of willpower not to cave in and eat something I shouldn’t. The eating plan we’re on for the cleanse is very pure: lots of vegetables, nuts, fish, some fruit, no dairy, no grains, no sugar, and nothing processed. It’s been a bit hard, but overall I feel pretty good. I’m kind of fatigued though – no gym this week. On the morning I started the fast, I was 222.5 pounds and yesterday morning I was 218 pounds – tomorrow morning I hope to be somewhere in the 215 or 216 range. You don’t get that much fat loss in a matter of days, but it’s a combination of waste removal, fat loss, and who knows what else. I’ll feel good once I make it to day six, the half-way mark.