Hey Bob Parsons: Leave My Browser Alone!


Dear Bob Parsons,

I like GoDaddy. I have many domains there. I like the company you’ve built. I like the GoDaddy branding, advertising, and general attitude. But, Mr. Parsons, what I really hate is how when I visit your blog/podcasting site you decided to have some code run that hijacks my browser and makes it go full screen. I may like your company, but I don’t think so highly of you that I want to see your blog filling the 1920 x 1200 pixels of my monitor. I have my browser window just the way I like it, in the place where I like it. What possible reason is there for you to mess with that? Please leave my browser window alone Mr. Parsons.

Jason R. Dunn

PS – I would have contacted you directly and said this to you, but I couldn’t find any way of contacting you via your site. No email address, no feedback form, nothing.