I Needed a Laugh…and Found It

Since my past 48 hours have been pretty hellish (and the smell of burning flesh continues), I needed a laugh and found it in this incredibly campy video that’s being featured on the YouTube home page.

If you can stomach it, pay attention at the 1:16 mark where the woman wearing green practically vanishes. Hilarious! Didn’t the people making this know that if you’re doing a green screen video, your actors shouldn’t wear green? 😉 In other parts her legs look like they’re stuck in a transporter from the original Star Trek series. I can’t tell if this is a parody of some of the political videos we’ve seen (such as from Obama Girl) from or a truly earnest but off-key group of ladies who really do support McCain. Politically, I lean more toward the right, but with friends like these, McCain doesn’t need enemies. 😉 Earnest and quite musically good? Found here. I was always quite impressed by Huckabee.

American politics are so much more interesting than Canadian politics!