I’m Not in Hawk Nelson. Seriously.

It seems like it’s once again time for me to explain again on this blog that I’m not the Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson. Below is an email exchange I had with someone this week. She (and it seems to be a “she” 95% of the time, and probably age 15 or under) had subscribed to my RSS to email feed (the box in the upper right corner) and saw my post about the Heroes disc two locking up where I said the words “my wife”. She then emailed me back expressing her shock that I was married. The screen shot below explains the rest.


I suppose by now I shouldn’t be surprised by these types of messages, but I swear when I was 15 years old I was smart enough to realize that are “regular” people in the world that have the same names as the famous people, and when someone becomes famous the rest of the non-famous people in the world with the same name aren’t required to go to a lawyer and get their name changed. I also think that at age 15 I could read and understand what I was reading.

I couldn’t even respond back to this girl a second time because every response I wrote ended up sounding mean. I shielded her identity in the screen shot above, and unsubscribed her from my email feed, but I swear this is much less funny as it was a year ago. šŸ˜‰