Japan 2008: Day 1

Our first full day in Japan was focused on one thing: SUMO! We had tickets (thanks James!) to the second-last day of the sumo tournament being held in Osaka. Off we went! I took a great deal of photos, and heavily culled them all, but it was difficult to not have a rather sizable collection of sumo photos (no pun intended) remain. I only kept the best though, so hopefully they capture some of the action that we saw!


  • Amazing shots!

    You know, those little squid (Picture 3) are actually pretty tasty if cooked right. Definitely wouldn’t touch ’em raw.

    So when are you two hitting up Akihabara? 😉

  • Darius,
    Glad you liked the photos! It was my first real work-out with the D300, and it performed amazingly – I only wish I’d had the Tamron 28-300mm lens I’d ordered before I left…it would be a 450mm lens with the 1.5x crop factor, which would get me a lot closer to the action than my 18-200mm lens, which is 300mm on the top end. I even searched for it here in Japan – turns out it’s not even released yet, they had some sort of problem with the Nikon version and it won’t be out until May! The Canon one is out though – bah!

    Regarding the squid, that’s funny – Ashley loves calamari, but seeing little squid in their raw form is somehow much less appealing than seeing them fried and covered in batter. 😉

    We did Akihabara on Monday – that’s when we did Tokyo with our friend Andrew Shuttleworth who lives here. It was pretty crazy…although the big tech store outside the “old Akihabara” area was even more mind-blowing. Pictures coming of course (so many to process!).

  • grntwnsftbll16

    that is so cool how you can get that close with your camera! wish i had one! i love taking pictures and looking at them i could be entertained for hours here!!

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