Japan 2008: Day Seven

Our seventh day in Japan was also our last day in Kyoto, so we took the opportunity to see some last sights before packing up and leaving for Hiroshima – and the gallery is now online. We didn’t do much on our first day in Hiroshima, but we did have an “exciting” dining experience – be sure to check out the video. 😉

  • The photos you’ve captured Jason can be used in a tourism brochure for japan. You really have a good photography skill. Of course it also depends on the camera that you used. Good Camera+Good Skills=Nice and Artistic shot.

  • Thanks crixalis, that’s a very nice compliment you’ve paid to me. 🙂 My camera is a Nikon D300, which is definitely a very nice camera…

  • Too bad I don’t have a camera to have this shots I have a lot of sample photography and the camera I only use is a camera phone. I use my Nokia 3220 phone to capture photos. I have no other choice but to use my phone as a camera even though it doesn’t capture a very good quality photos, lets just say I don’t have the money to afford good camera :p ,but in my surprise my classmates really liked my simple photography when I show it to them. Maybe I can show you Jason some of my shots and maybe you can also give some tips too. 🙂

  • That’s great to hear that you’re taking pictures with the camera you have, even if it’s a camera phone. Ken Rockwell has some interesting opinions about this subject here:


    I don’t fully agree with Rockwell because there are physical limitations in the camera, the lens, etc. that have an impact on the photos. When I was taking shots in Japan at the Sumo match I was physically far away – there the ONLY way to get decent photos was with a long lens. Rockwell doesn’t seem to acknowledge that there are sometimes limitations in some cameras that will limit the types of photos you can take.

    On the other hand, check these out…

    Some amazing photos taken with a sub-$200 camera:

    Many of these photos are taken with a camera phone:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

  • rock_star7210

    wow. i have to say. the fish looks a little gross. but the photos are amazing.
    i’ve used a nikon D300 before. it was an awesome camera, i want one.
    do you have any problems with it? or is it pertty much perfect?

  • rock_star7210,
    The D300 is the best DSLR I’ve ever used. It’s not perfect, nothing really is, but it’s a fantastic camera and worth every penny I paid for it.

  • hey jason can i get your email add so i can send you my simple photography photos? and maybe you can comment on it so i can have some tips..thanks..:)

  • crixalis,
    Why don’t you set up a free Flickr account instead? Upload your photos there and I’ll take a look at them there.

  • jason i already made an in flicker just look at my photos there and i hope you like it. thanks!

  • Sure – but what’s the link for your Flickr account?