Off to the Land of the Rising Sun for a Vacation…Geek Style!


Tomorrow, I’m off to Japan for two weeks for a real, business-free vacation with Ashley. It’s going to be awesome! I tend not to get excited about vacations until right before they happen, so I’m just starting to get excited. I’m all geeked up, bringing:

  • …the XPS M1330 laptop for photo and video processing (gotta’ have some grunt for processing those raw files)
  • …the Fujitsu P7010D for watching movies on
  • …my Proporta battery for keeping the Fujitsu lasting that 11 hour flight
  • …the Nikon D300 + four lenses (including my new ultra-sharp 24-70 f/2.8) + 32 GB CF card + 3 x 8 GB CF cards
  • …the Canon SD 850 IS (with 8 GB microSD) for snapping casual pics and for videos (damn I wish it did HD videos – I don’t want to bring my Canon HV20)
  • …two Zunes 8’s (one for the wife, one for me)
  • …one pair of Ultimate Ears 5 EB’s
  • …a TomTom GPS (without maps, just for finding our way back to our starting point GPS coordinates – was going to bring the HP iPAQ GPS, but it crashed and that didn’t make me feel very confident)
  • …iGo Juice with several adaptors, PPC Techs Lil Sync Cable, Lil Sync Mobile USB Power Pack for charging everything
  • My T-Mobile Dash, not to use as a phone, but to look up our travel schedule
  • …a few assorted adaptors and cables

Quick, I don’t leave until tomorrow AM – did I miss anything? 😀

  • Cold Flame

    See? I told you that there isn’t a toy you don’t have!

    I do think that you forgot the kitchen sink, a few utensils, and the microwave. Otherwise, I think you have it covered. Have a wonderful trip you two!

    PS: Don’t forget your sunglasses!

  • kimmm

    I don’t even know what most of that stuff is, let alone why you’d want to drag it halfway around the world! : )

    For me, part of the beauty of travelling is leaving my “stuff” behind. That said, I did enjoy the video of your condo. (I loved the garden – so tranquil!) So good job with hauling around your cameras, laptops, and other things that I have no idea what they are so I can experience a little bit of Japan from my little house on the prairie.

    Travel safely, Jason-san and Ashley-san.

  • My dear Kim,
    “Stuff”, meaning the stuff that weighs us down in day to day life and the stuff we want to get away from on vacation, is different for everyone. For me, “stuff” includes paperwork, the phone, work email, taking out the garbage, and other such mundane things. Watching movies on a laptop, editing photos, checking my personal email and sharing my trip with family and friends…none of that is “stuff” for me. Please remember that not everyone is like you, and while you might feel burdened by technology on vacation, I feel invigorated by it. 🙂