Off to the Land of the Rising Sun for a Vacation…Geek Style!


Tomorrow, I’m off to Japan for two weeks for a real, business-free vacation with Ashley. It’s going to be awesome! I tend not to get excited about vacations until right before they happen, so I’m just starting to get excited. I’m all geeked up, bringing:

  • …the XPS M1330 laptop for photo and video processing (gotta’ have some grunt for processing those raw files)
  • …the Fujitsu P7010D for watching movies on
  • …my Proporta battery for keeping the Fujitsu lasting that 11 hour flight
  • …the Nikon D300 + four lenses (including my new ultra-sharp 24-70 f/2.8) + 32 GB CF card + 3 x 8 GB CF cards
  • …the Canon SD 850 IS (with 8 GB microSD) for snapping casual pics and for videos (damn I wish it did HD videos – I don’t want to bring my Canon HV20)
  • …two Zunes 8’s (one for the wife, one for me)
  • …one pair of Ultimate Ears 5 EB’s
  • …a TomTom GPS (without maps, just for finding our way back to our starting point GPS coordinates – was going to bring the HP iPAQ GPS, but it crashed and that didn’t make me feel very confident)
  • …iGo Juice with several adaptors, PPC Techs Lil Sync Cable, Lil Sync Mobile USB Power Pack for charging everything
  • My T-Mobile Dash, not to use as a phone, but to look up our travel schedule
  • …a few assorted adaptors and cables

Quick, I don’t leave until tomorrow AM – did I miss anything? 😀