Joy in the Music

I started off today blogging about something that made me sad, but I want to end today by posting something that put a smile on my face and lifted my spirit: some incredible a capella music. An incredible song (Phil Collins is a fantastic song writer) performed by some incredible vocalists. A capella music is pure because there’s nothing but the artist and their voice. Turn up your speakers! Heres the “official” music video.

  • Brandon LeBlanc

    Awesome cover of a classic Phil Collins song. I went to try and download it via Zune Marketplace (the song that is) but its not there πŸ™ Bummer.

    – Brandon

  • Neil

    I have an a capella version of Shakira singing Whenever Wherever πŸ™‚ It’s pretty fun. Nothing but her vocals with all the background music stripped out, so it’s got all these weird long pauses in it. You catch yourself filling in the background music!