Kudos to HP Live Chat Tech Support

Last November, almost a year ago, I was working on a laptop for a client and I had to re-format it because it was filled to the brim with digital cruft. Unfortunately, the client didn’t have the driver CD, so after restoring Windows XP I had to manually install each and every driver. That worked like a charm, except for the sound card. I figured I’d try HP’s chat tool to see if I could track down the driver. Here’s the transcript.


Sean [HP Tech]: Hello Jason. Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario Notebooks. My name is Sean. How may I assist you today?

Jason Dunn: Hi there! I have a very simple question. I have the 3055CA laptop and I had to re-install Windows, and I don’t have the driver CD or the restore CD…I have all the drivers off the download page except one – there’s no driver for the sound card anywhere!

Jason Dunn: …so I’m baffled as to where I’d find the sound driver because it’s not on the download page for this laptop.

Sean: Oh! I see. No need to worry, let me check how can I assist you with this.

Jason Dunn: Great, thanks.

Sean: You are welcome, Jason. May I know the processor installed in your notebook?

Jason Dunn: Intel 2.8 Ghz I believe…sorry 2.4….but intel, not the AMD model. It took a while for me to figure out which WILAN driver to install, it’s bizarre how this exact model of laptop had so many different parts 🙂

Sean: No need to worry, I will try my best.

Sean: Please try with this one and let me know what happens. Here is the link: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp28501-29000/sp28552.exe

Jason Dunn: Ok, downloading now.

Sean: Are you chatting me with the same notebook?

Jason Dunn: No, different PC. Installing now.

Sean: Wait…

Jason Dunn: While it’s installing, any idea why that driver wouldn’t be listed on the driver page for that notebook?

Sean: After downloading the driver softpack, Save it on the desktop or in the Hard disk and after that double click on that to install.

Jason Dunn: Yup, it’s installing now…almost done. Requires reboot, rebooting…got the windows sound at reboot, so it works.

Jason Dunn: Thanks so much! I appreciate the fast help, and the no-hassle about the laptop being outside of the warranty window 😉

Sean: You are welcome. Are you completely satisfied with our chat session today?

Jason Dunn: Yes, absolutely, this was great!

Sean: Thank you. A copy of our chat session will be e-mailed to you shortly. You may also receive a chat survey. We would appreciate your feedback.


As you can tell, it was a quick, painless experience – I got exactly the driver I needed, and the tech didn’t bother to hassle me for the serial number or try to prove ownership. I had an HP notebook, I needed a driver, and he provided it for me. That’s the kind of tech support I love to see, so kudos to HP tech support for doing a great job. If only more tech support worked like this!