Lethbridge Air Show 2007

Ashley and I went to the Lethbridge Air Show with our friends Kim and Mitch Berreth in August 2007. It was the first air show I’d been to, so it was interesting to see all the planes up close. The Snowbirds performed, and a monster truck showed up as well – a curious addition to an air show, but it was fun taking pictures of a big truck crushing already mostly-crushed cars.

My camera worked overtime – I shot around 1300 photos, trying to capture the best shots possible. Unfortunately many of the aerial acrobatics were a bit outside the range of my zoom lens, so these photos involved a lot of cropping and a lack of sharpness. The biggest challenge though was in post-production: I had shot so many photos that were nearly identical it was a headache to pick the best ones. It took me hours to get through them all and an added bonus was a smudge on my lens that had to be fixed in almost every single photo. At any rate, the photos turned out pretty well for being my first attempt at shooting fast-moving objects from the ground. Here are a few photos from the online album.

  • Neil

    You did use Lightroom to process all the pictures, right? It has lots of features for tagging/comparing images, and you can even copy and paste your smudge removal across the whole batch of pictures (it’s specifically designed for thumbprints on lenses :D)


  • Yup, I used Lightroom, and yup, I used the copy/paste function to close my heal/spot removal across all the affected images. Problem is, I did it after I cropped them, so I ended up having to adjust about 50% of them manually. Painful.

    The tagging features are pretty good, I don’t use them as much as I should – largely I think because they don’t work the way they’re supposed to. 😉 For instance, if I reject or approve a picture, why doesn’t it advance to the next image? I think I read in the help file it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t.