Live-Action GI Joe Movie: Should I Be Elated or Scared?

Like most men that were kids in the ’80s (yeah, I’m over 30 now), I have fond memories Transformers, GI Joe, and other franchises that are now flooding the modern movie market. For the most part, that’s a good thing – I really enjoyed the Transformers movie, even if I think Michael Bay should have been punched in the head for a few of the decisions he made. At any rate, as you might have guessed from the photo above, GI Joe is coming to the big screen…and I’m not sure I should be scared or excited. Will they slaughter my childhood memories with a campy, cheesy movie that will suck? Or will they retain some of the coolness and make it an enjoyable romp? Well see – but one things for sure, GI Joe: The Movie in cartoon form still kicks ass! I just watched it a couple of months ago… 😀

Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t figure it out, that’s Ray Park playing Snake Eyes – the same guy who played Darth Maul. I think Ray Park is great, but someone needs to teach him a new stance – that’s a total Darth Maul rip-off. 😉