Photos of Logan’s Second Month At Home

Logan’s two months old now! It’s been a fun month for photos as he’s starting to get more expressive and animated. I worked hard to cull the photos and did pretty well for a month of shooting in terms of keeping the collection tight. I also sold my Nikon D60 and bought a Nikon D5000, so I’ve started to play with DSLR video for the first time. It’s been interesting! I really do need to write about that for Digital Home Thoughts






  • Neil

    Re the second photo, you keep him locked in a cage???

  • Neil,
    Yeah, I read it in a parenting book. Something about getting them used to a life behind bars…if you look the last photo, he’s already learning to throw gang signs. So, really, it’s just a matter of time…

  • drtolson

    I love the way you can ‘see’ the intelligence/brain activity behind his eyes. It’s not a vacant stare out into space, but someone who is taking the whole world in and beginning to put things together.

    I do love the ‘gangsta’ move in the last photo…Reminds of a t-shirt I saw on I think it was Mental Floss with an obviously 1960’s ‘white guy’ saying he’s kinda Gangsta himself…