Looking for a Good HTML Editor

After watching Microsoft’s new Expression Web software completely MANGLE and DESTROY a perfectly good PHP file (it was trying to be “helpful” by re-mapping the CSS code), I’m not going to touch it again. Ever. I really thought Microsoft had learned their lesson after the FrontPage debacle, but it seems they haven’t. I’m looking for a good HTML editor: I prefer something with a visual preview, but at this point it’s not necessary. It should be Vista-compatible, fast, light, and while free is great, I’m willing to pay a few bucks for something good. No one say Dreamweaver, I don’t edit enough HTML pages to warrant a tool like that. Any suggestions?

  • idawgik

    I HIGHLY recommend the html editors by Blumentals Software. I’m a professional web designer and I exclusively use their HTMLpad program, but they other more feature rich ones if you need it (RapidPHP for more feature rich php and html/css editing).

    They have a 30day free trial of all their software so you should check them out.


  • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out…

  • Paxcal

    Hi Jason

    Because you save my life with your trick about Flash issue with vista, let me help you.

    try http://www.kompozer.net/ this is the last version of NVU html editor. It based on mozilla Xul. It works on vista, it’s free and morevall it does not need to be installed.



  • FYI – I bought Rapid PHP 2007….great piece of software! Very fast and easy to use. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Thanks Jason I’ve added that to the To-Buy list.