Object Collection: Mexican Peso Coins


Mexican $5 peso coin front
[Download high-res version, transparent PNG]


Mexican $5 peso coin front.
[Download high-res version, transparent PNG]


Mexican $10 peso coin back.
[Download high-res version, transparent PNG]


Mexican $10 peso coin front.
[Download high-res version, transparent PNG]

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  • Thanks for the awesome photos of Mexican pesos. Very high quality images. I love them.

    I make bottle cap earrings and I thought to put foreign coins inside of the bottle caps; however, I realized the weight of the earrings would be heavy, so I searched for images of the foreign coins that I wanted to use and I happened upon your blog.

    Thanks for the awesome post, Jason.

    Best regards,
    Janay Green

    Customized greeting cards and handmade jewelry. Personalized service.

  • Anonymous

    Dear friends:

    Mexican goverment, has print a conmemorative series of the 5 pesos coin because of our Independence (200 years), and Revolution (100 years) aniversaries.

    We can collect the coins in a Special 2 sheet beautiful foil.

    Want some scans ??

  • Anonymous

    Mexican goverment has print a special collection of the 5 pesos coins, becuse of our Independence and revolution celebrations (100 and 200 yers). Want some scans ??

  • michael morris

    i have that same $10 peso coin is it worth more than face value?

  • Kimberly Murphy Diaz

    yes, please.