Michael Franti & Spearhead, Live in Calgary

I shot this at the John Mayer concert last night; this was the opening band, Michael Franti & Spearhead. Not really my style of music, but really tight musicians. Good stuff. Be sure to look at the girl on stage using her phone – likely texting – while the fun is going on all around her. If there was ever an indicator of the problems some people in our society have of disconnecting and living in the moment, this is it.

  • marlof

    I think it’s quite funny that the girl in red on stage is so busy texting what she’s doing, that she’s forgetting to have fun. I like Michael Franti a lot: big guy, big heart.

  • Marlof,
    Thanks for the reminder, I meant to mention that in my blog post, because when I was watching it happen I thought “Wow, she can’t stop texting to enjoy herself…”. There’s something a bit wrong with that I think…

  • mrozema

    Oh wow, I saw her too!
    I couldn’t believe how incredibly uncool that was.

    Michael Franti was fantastic though! I never heard of the guy until that night. Awesome music and musician.

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