Michael “Kramer” Richards Has Meltdown

I don’t really want to use this blog for “hey, look at this news story that everyone else is posting about” type stories, but this one is worth looking into because it’s so bizarre. First, you’ll want to go check out this video clip [WARNING: not work safe, extreme language, racially offensive]. Here’s a news story with some further background, and lastly there’s another video of him on Letterman apologizing. As I watched the first video clip, I thought the initial barrage was part of his comedy act (some comedy is based on shocking words and concepts) but after watching the Today Show clip I realized that the entire thing was his response to people in the comedy club who were talking during his performance. No amount of talking or interrupting can excuse what he did, however, and the fallout from this is going to be huge. I can only wonder if he was drunk or high – not that it excuses anything, but it would at least be a contributing factor to his apparent insanity.

2 thoughts on “Michael “Kramer” Richards Has Meltdown”

  1. I was like you, at first thinking that he was trying to make some point about how people react to certain words. What shocked me almost as much was hearing him plead “I’m not a racist!” I don’t know how much he ACTS in a manner that’s racist, but for such vitriol to come out so aggressively there has to be a well of racism buried somewhere deep within him.

    We all have at least some tiny bit of racism inside us, but what defines the moment is whether or not we allow such ugliness to actually affect our thinking, our actions or our motivation.

  2. An interesting follow-up video has been posted – I’m sad to see blood-sucking lawyers get involved and talk about payments and settlements…Richards is an idiot for what he said, but it’s not against the law (freedom of speech can be ugly) and the “pain and suffering” they’re talking about seems ridiculous. Money can’t solve the problem here.

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