Microsoft’s Productivity Vision of the Future

Every technology company has a vision for the future of productivity and interactive computer systems. Above is Microsoft’s. I’d like to live in that world. 🙂

  • Ricjjk

    This video encapsulates everything wrong with Microsoft. Their coolest products are imaginary futuristic bullshit. Guess what, we’ve all seen Minority Report already. Imagine if they instead spent the effort that went into this movie on making something, you know, real, that you could actually go out and buy and use today.

  • This video is awesome and I believe it will be here soon. Microsoft Surface, Windows 8, Kinect, Metro and TellMe are a few trailer bits of what will become the future 🙂

  • I’m very sceptic about all this, microsoft is trying to sell us things again

  • Good share Jason…It is really so cool and amazing…

  • Bek Heath

    Everyone would like to live in that world… Except perhaps Apple employees, who will be jealous of Microsoft (who likes Apple anyway?)