More Massive Monitor Mayhem

My geek life just got more complicated. Remember I had ordered those three Dell 24 inch widescreen monitors? Well, Dell just released their new 22 inch widescreen monitors – and I got an email promo that says on the 26th and 27th they’ll be offering the monitors for $80 off, making them only $299 CAD each (that’s what the email says, though $80 off the published price of $399 is $319…). $299 for 22 inch widescreens! That’s crazy-cheap. So I’m in a quandary – I could get three of these 22″ widescreen monitors for $897 CAD versus the $2097 CAD for the three 24″ widescreens. And we’re only talking about two inches here. Big change in resolution though: the 24’s run at 1920 x 1200, the 22’s at 1680 x 1050. The 22’s aren’t as bright, and have a lower contrast ratio. But for the difference in price, would I notice? Hrm. Decisions, decisions. The monitor is so new I can’t find any reviews of it…

2 thoughts on “More Massive Monitor Mayhem”

  1. Wow, a $1200 difference is a lot.

    The E228WFPs have been selling in Australia for quite some time now, and having seen them in person, I do think they’re nice, but fall short of the 2007WFP and 2407WFP in many areas (pixels per inch, contrast ratio, viewing angle, adjustability [tilt vs. tilt/swivel/pivot], and I/O ports); the E228WFP’s lack of pivot and swivel support may be a deal breaker. But we’re talking $1200 here. Decisions, decisions. 😐

  2. So I ended up not ordering the 22″ wide screens based on your comments and discussions with others – the E series monitors are budget, and I’m not looking for budget.

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