Movies Worth Watching: 300


300 was one of the most anticipated “must see” movies on my mental list, but it took three attempts at going to the movie theatre before I finally saw this movie. My jaw was on the floor much of the time. So much has been said about the movie, I won’t repeat it all here, but if you’re the kind of person who’s heart starts pumping when the action starts, this is a movie for you. There are movies that re-define genres, and in the same way that The Matrix re-defined the cyberpunk action movie, 300 sets a new high bar for old school, hand to hand combat movies. The plot, while not thin, isn’t overly complicated either. There are no real surprises here, though all parts are acted out ably enough. The real gem in this movie is the cinematography, special effects, and choreographed fight sequences. It looks like the graphic novel is was pulled from. The movie has the touch of true mastery, where nothing is out of place and everything is executed with a perfect clarity of vision that is lacking from so many movies. I don’t say this often, but I may very well go see this again in the theatres, and will certainly be picking it up on (hopefully) HD-DVD when it is released.