New Iron Man Trailer Out + The Quicktime Player Sucks

There’s a new Iron Man trailer out, and it looks amazing – you can check it out in HD if you have Quicktime installed, although I had to chuckle at how badly it works because of Apple’s restrictions on the Windows platform. See, if you have a Mac, Apple lets you view Quicktime full screen – and who wouldn’t want to? But on Windows, Apple gave us a hobbled version of Quicktime that won’t go full screen – unless you pay $29.99 USD for the “Pro” version, which I haven’t done (why should I have to pay $30 to view a video?). So when I clicked to watch the deliciously high-res 1080p version of the new Iron Man trailer, which is 1920 x 1080, it loaded on my monitor (which is 1920 x 1200) with the play button off the screen. I couldn’t start the video until I repositioned the whole window to access the user interface, which was awkward. The fact that Apple considers full-screen video a feature worth paying for is quite ridiculous…

UPDATE: Well I’ll be…Apple added the option for full screen video in a recent dot-release of Quicktime (just press CONTROL+F) and I didn’t notice. It’s unlike most video apps in that double-clicking the video doesn’t make it go full screen, it just pauses it, and I didn’t think to check the menu. Thanks to Janak and Vincent for pointing it out…

  • Vinny

    What version of QT are you using? I’m using 7.4 on my Windows box, and CTRL F (or in the menu if you’re so inclined) blows it up fullscreen perfectly and I don’t own the Pro version for Windows.

  • Vinny
  • Janak Parekh

    Jason – as Vinny says, you must be running an old version of QT. Versions 7.2 and greater have free full-screen support. Apple users yelled at Apple for years on this one, and they finally relented.

  • WOW. I had no clue! Guess I should have checked the menu, but I checked every version for so many years, I stopped checking because I didn’t think it was every going to happen. 😉 Thanks guys, I’ve updated my post.

  • Vinny


    So the true question is how did it look?

  • How did it look? Friggin’ amazing! I’ve never complained about Apple’s video compression, just their app. 😉

  • T-Will

    Wow, they actually added a full screen feature for free?!?!? :rolleyes:

    For years I’ve wondered why they considered this a feature worth paying for…