Looks Like I Picked The Right DSLR

Since picking up the Nikon D300 a few months back, I’ve been constantly amazed at how well it functions, and how superb the images look – specifically ISO performance. I’m generally not the type of person that needs my choices validated by another person, but when it comes to DSLRs I still have much to learn. I was also initially on the fence about whether or not the D300 would be worth it because the D200 was an extremely impressive camera. In fact, more than one person told me that I should keep shooting with my D200…so I was pleased to see Phil Askey from dpreview.com come to this conclusion about the D300:

“My biggest problem writing this conclusion has been picking out the D300’s weak points. The usefulness of Live View would certainly be improved with an articulating LCD monitor (although I’m sure Nikon would argue that this could compromise the integrity of the body), auto white-balance is poor in artificial light (although this isn’t anything unique to the D300) and there’s still no true mirror lock-up feature. But really, these few niggles are really the only things we could pick out as criticism. There is price, but sometimes the best products demand a premium and the D300 is no exception. Nikon’s biggest problem now will be bettering the D300; it raises the bar to a new high, and represents the state of the art despite strong competition from the likes of Canon, Sony and Olympus. There’s simply no better semi-professional digital SLR on the market.”

I’m post this here on my personal blog rather than Digital Home Thoughts because I don’t want to upset those Canon people. 😉