Crystal and Tony Didn’t Win the Radio Station Contest. Nuts.

The title says it all: the Vibe 98.5 contest that I posted about earlier is now over, and Crystal and Tony didn’t win. The couple that won sound like they really needed it (the husband has colon cancer), so it’s great that the prize is going toward a couple that will really benefit from it…but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really hoping Crystal and Tony would win it. I emailed the radio station Webmaster and urged him to implement something to block repeat voting next time – I hate to think this, but their voting system was so open it would have been ridiculously easy to cheat; you just never know (I’m sure others would be thinking the same thing if Tony and Crystal won).

I’m deeply grateful for all of you who voted, for the blogs and emails that went out around the world rallying support, and for the donations that were made to help Crystal and Tony – you guys are awesome.

[For the geeks among you: I’ve gotta’ say though, no thanks to the cold-hearted people who read Digg – only 13 votes? Really? Nothing but coal in the stocking for anyone that read the story and didn’t vote for it. Digg is a ridiculous farce in many ways – the premise sounds great, but the reality is so much different.]