Note To Self, Re: Costco

Note to self regarding purchases made at Costco: before purchasing three boxes of noodles, each with four packages per box, make sure what you’re buying actually tastes good. Simply Asia evidently spent all their budget on great-looking packages and not on making their noodles taste like something other than soggy cardboard. Bleh.

  • Cold Flame

    lol @ Jason.

    That could possibly be one of the funniest things I’ve read for a while.

    Can you say, “Foodbank donation?” =) Actually, Costco has an amazing return policy… if you were going in the near future, I’d take them back. No reason someone who needs handouts from the foodbank should eat soggy cardboard flavoured noodles either.

    I’m still chuckling tho… =) You ever going to answer my e-mail? *poke poke*

  • Cold Flame,
    Glad you got a laugh out of it. 😉 I took the photo, then changed my mind about posting it, but relented when I thought it was just too silly not to share…Costco is really the only place I’d ever do something like that – buy food I’ve never tried before, and not only buy one package, but THREE. I think I was in a strange delusional state, because there are these noodles that I’ve bought there before – I think they’re “Taste of Thailand” brand – and they were delicious…but in typical Costco fashion, they offered them for a few weeks then pulled them, not offering them any longer. I’ve been checking for months, and they never came back – so when I saw these, I think my brain went “Oh well, different brand, but they’ve got to be just as good, right?”. That obviously wasn’t the case.

    Regarding the email, thanks for the reminder. 😀