Now THIS Is Photography…


I have the pleasure and honour of knowing two very fine photographers who attend the same church as I do: Dave and Quin Cheung, who together make up DQ Studios. I’m constantly impressed by their skills as photographers (and their humility), but it’s rare that I get a chance to see a complete set of their work for a client. They published a photo slideshow of a recent shoot they did of a wedding in Argentina, and the results are beautiful. Their work definitely gives me something to strive for!

  • Cold Flame

    Beautiful, incredible, etc… When Heather and I get married I will definitely consider these two for our photographer. The only thing that would make me not choose them based on what I’ve seen is cost, so I’ll wait til I have more plans set forth and an actual date before I contact them.

    Thanks for passing their webpage because I likely would have never found them otherwise!

  • Cold Flame,
    If there’s one bit of information I can pass along to the not-yet-married, it’s that there are hundreds of individual costs associated with a wedding, but years down the road you won’t remember the kind of chair coverings you had, you won’t remember how the food tasted, you won’t remember who was there and who wasn’t, and you won’t remember much of the details.

    What endures are the photos/videos of the event, and if there was one thing I’d do over at my wedding, it would be to spend more on photography. I “cheaped out” on the photography part and to this day I regret it because our wedding pictures are quite poor and don’t represent the event (or myself and Ashley) very well. Now I’m not saying that you have to go hire DQ Studios, because you’re right they are very expensive, but I will say that hiring a talented wedding photographer is probably the best investment you can make.

  • Cold Flame

    Hey Jason,

    I 100% agree with you. We are going to do our wedding on the cheap (as much as possible). It will be a small intimate affair, and hopefully be on a beach… whether in Canada somewhere fairly close or in a tropical destination. I have no desire to “waste” money on fancy decorations or some ridiculous meal and have 300 people come. I’d like our closest family/friends to be there if they are able to be, and that’s it. My ideal would be to have a homemade feast (potluck style even)…

    At any rate, just given the work I’ve seen on their site, I could very well justify using them (DQ Studios) based on their examples/feedback alone. Sorry to hear that yourself and Ashley aren’t happy with your wedding photos. That is unfortunate…

    Anyway, hope you’re having fun at CES. I’m jealous! =) If you happen across an extra copy of WHS, I’d love to buy it off you! Keep that in mind as you’re wandering around. lol.

  • Cold Flame,
    Shoot me an email, I happen to have an extra copy of Windows Home Server in my office… 🙂

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    Sweet! I sent you one to your account (only one I have I think). Thanks again!