• chrisgohlke

    Do you have Amazon Prime available in Canada? If you order a lot of stuff from Amazon, I have found it worth it and you never have the problem you are having now.

  • Chris,
    Nope, Amazon Price isn’t available in Canada. I’d LOVE it to be made available here.

  • Well, if you were willing to punch in $0.70 more, you could have this very attractive hose clamp: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MKICY4?tag2=slickfilnet-20&tag=slickfilnet-20 found via slickfillers.net. Probably cheaper than shipping.

  • Jon,
    That’s on Amazon.com, so I couldn’t order it. 😉 It ended up not being a problem because I was ordering a few more things, but I just thought it was hilarious that Amazon’s free shipping was so hard coded to a particular value…