Oh You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

Just when I thought I was going to have a week where nothing went wrong with my technology, I discover that the headphone/audio out jack on my N6220 Fujitsu laptop doesn’t work properly. When I plugged in a pair of Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers to the laptop, the internal speakers didn’t cut out – meaning I have audio coming out of both the laptop and the Creative speakers. I’ve never seen a laptop that did that by design, and after connecting a pair of headphones and hearing crackling, popping, and having the audio cut in and out (both on the external and internal speakers) the port has to be defective. And this is on the laptop that I had a friend purchase in the USA and ship to me because Fujitsu Canada only carries neutured, lame version of each laptop series (slower CPU, less RAM, etc.). So it might get interesting getting this thing repaired…I’m not even sure it’s still under warranty! <gulp>

  • MitchellD

    Your just not doing so well with anything hi tech are you Jason?