Lame Pimping of iTunes by Apple to Quicktime Users


I’ve always had a contentious relationship with Apple software products, mostly because they seem to write their own rule book (which doesn’t surprise me at all). Apple is the only company I’ve seen that offers a free media player (Quicktime) that nags you randomly to upgrade to the professional version. Either make it free or don’t, but nagging me to upgrade is a cheap tactic. For quite some time, Apple also made it hard to find the Quicktime-only version of the software, instead making the Quicktime+iTunes bundle the only obvious option. They’ve changed that now so it’s easy to download Quicktime if that’s all you want (and it’s usually all I ever do want). There’s a software update program that comes with Quicktime now, and guess what it suggested I do the other day? That’s right, just like the screenshot says, it offered me an updated version of Quicktime…with iTunes installed. Apple, I DO NOT WANT iTUNES. Lame.

One thought on “Lame Pimping of iTunes by Apple to Quicktime Users”

  1. I agree. I hate bundling. In my case, iTunes is all I want and I’m forced to download and install Quicktime. I know without QT, some feature of iTunes doesn’t work, but I’m fine with that. Just give us an option, Apple.

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